DSL concept for chocolateyinstall #165

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rismoney commented Sep 20, 2012

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#160 (comment)

should we look to do something with scriptblocks where we "change the language" to simplistic jargon? I am thinking along the lines of psake,pester, and really cucumber (ruby). Can a package look so simple a layman could "read it"


ferventcoder commented Sep 20, 2012

With anything like this, we would have a need to support the existing infrastructure while we phase it out, so it would be something that package makers can move to over time.

I know I'm preaching to the choir here but I just wanted to make sure that was understood before any work started.


mwrock commented Sep 20, 2012

I was thinking along these lines for a feed source provider. Thats safer since it is really limited to internal chocolatey code. I definitely agree with the need for backwards compatibility. Also need to vbe really careful we dont overly complexify things here which is easy to do. I dont see the value so much in appealing to the layman. That always seems to vome up in DSL discussions but who has ever seen it work? I do like the way it expresses an API in a simple and discoverable way.

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