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FOR 0.9.9+ use instead

Command Reference

This is a listing of all of the different things you can pass to chocolatey.

NOTE: When you need to quote things, such as when using spaces, please use single quote marks ('). In cmd.exe, you can also use double double quotes (i.e. ""yo""). This is due to the hand off to PowerShell - seems to strip off the outer set of quotes.


Commands (intermediate to advanced)

  • Sources - Manage default sources - v0.9.8.20+
  • Install Missing - DEPRECATED (removing in v1)
  • Version
  • WebPI - Web PI Integration - v0.9.8.13+
  • Gem - Ruby Gems Integration - v0.9.8.13+
  • Cygwin - CygWin Integration - v0.9.8.17+
  • Python - Python Integration - v0.9.8.17+
  • WindowsFeatures - Windows Features Integration - v0.9.8.20+

Packaging Commands


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