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Chocolatey Docs

This repository contains the source files for the documentation site that can be found here:

This site is built using Statiq.


The original template that was used to create this docs site came from the work that was done by Patrik Svensson, on his Spectre.Console and Spectre.Cli docs sites. Huge thank you to Patrik for all his help!

Building the site


There are a number or pre-requisites that are needed before you will be able to build the website locally. These include:

  • .NET Core SDK
  • NodeJS

There is a .\setup.ps1 file in the root of this repository that can be used to install all necessary packages, and which will be kept up to date as these change.

Building the site

To build the site locally on your machine, either run the .\build.ps1 or the file (depending on your system). This will compile the site, and all generated output file be placed into the output folder.

Previewing the site

To preview the site locally on your machine, either run the .\preview.ps1 or the file (depending on your system). Once completed, you should be able to open a browser on your machine to http://localhost:5080 and the site will be loaded. Once running, any changes made to the files within the input folder will cause the site to be rebuilt with the new content.

Troubleshooting the build

If you are having build errors with 'copyTheme' errored after, try removing the node_modules directory and clearing your yarn cache with yarn cache clean.

Build Status

GitHub Actions Build Status

Chat Room

Come join in the conversation about Chocolatey in our Community Chat Room.

Please make sure you've read over and agree with the etiquette regarding communication.


Search uses Algolia DocSearch as backend. Configuration for crawler is available at