Windows service to validate packages conform to package standards
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Chocolatey Package Validator

Validates the contents of a package against the package review process parts that can be validated by a machine. See for more details.

The validator is a service that checks the quality of a package based on requirements, guidelines and suggestions for creating packages for Chocolatey’s community feed. We like to think of the validator as unit testing. It is validating that everything is as it should be and meets the minimum requirements for a package on the community feed.

What does the validator check? See

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  • .NET Framework 4.0

License / Credits

Apache 2.0 - see LICENSE and NOTICE files.


If you would like to contribute code or help squash a bug or two, that's awesome. Please familiarize yourself with CONTRIBUTING.


Committers, you should be very familiar with COMMITTERS.

Compiling / Building Source

There is a build.bat/ file that creates a necessary generated file named SolutionVersion.cs. It must be run at least once before Visual Studio will build.



  • .NET Framework 4+
  • Visual Studio is helpful for working on source.
  • ReSharper is immensely helpful (and there is a .sln.DotSettings file to help with code conventions).

Build Process:

  • Run build.bat.

Running the build on Windows should produce an artifact that is tested and ready to be used.


You need the following installed on a machine that you will use the validator with:

  • .NET Framework 4.0.
  • Install the service and let it run.