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Dependency with No Version


There is a bug with this check -

If you have implemented the recommended fixes, you should see this go away on checks after this has been corrected.


In the nuspec, you have a dependency on another package without at the very least a minimum version.

Recommended Solution

Version-less dependencies are not recommended now that choco will resolve the latest version of a package. Please add at the very least the minimum version (also known as the lower bound) of the package you depend on. Note how version ranges work, see


At a point in history, NuGet would always get the oldest version of a package that would meet the version range that was specified. When you didn't specify a version, it would get the latest possible version. Once choco 0.9.9+ came out, it flipped NuGet to always getting the most recent version of a package that satisfied a dependency. It's considered incorrect to not at the very least specify a minimum version that would meet a dependency. This way it is more explicit.


Always push the exact same version of the package during review! Package versions are not immutable until approved.





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