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Nuspec Enhancements Missing


The nuspec is missing the recent enhancements that give consumers information related to the underlying software.

Recommended Solution

Please update the nuspec to contain one or more of the following:

  • docsUrl - points to the location of the wiki or docs of the software
  • mailingListUrl - points to the forum or email list group for the software
  • bugTrackerUrl - points to the location where issues and tickets can be accessed
  • packageSourceUrl - points to the location of your chocolatey package files in source (e.g.
  • projectSourceUrl - points to the location of the underlying software source

NOTE: You must use choco pack with at least version (see #205) to use these elements. Using NuGet or nuget.exe will error on this element.

NOTE: If your nuspec file is missing these fields, you should run choco new testpkg and look at the output from that (ensure you have the latest version of Chocolatey).


This provides folks with more information related to the software itself and gives folks a quick location reference to start from when attempting to find more information related to a project.


Always push the exact same version of the package during review! Package versions are not immutable until approved.





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