Scripts I write to deal with S2E
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Scripts I write to deal with S2E




./s2eDebug /path/to/s2e/project/ command -d s2eOutputDirectory -o outputFile

Defaults to s2e-last if no s2e output directory is specified. Writes to stdout if no output file is specified

Assumes that the project directory name is name of binary

Defined commands

  • getForks : Finds all the locations s2e forked at
  • countForks : Counts the number of forks at a paricular location
  • findTestCases : Finds all the test cases s2e generated
  • getDeadEnds : Find all the dead ends the DynamicEarlyTerminate plugin inserted
  • getStatus : Finds all the status codes a program exited with. (Doesn't catch the related states or any other information)
  • countStatus : Counts the number of times a state was terminated with a certain code
  • countStatus2 : Counts the number of times the tracked process was unloaded with a certain code