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  • How to insert an common model instance into mongodb? I mean, since we can't generate the "_id" by ourselves, then how comes we insert such object into mongo? Answer: we need to know the difference between db.missions.save and db.missions.insert, using save, we can simple provide an model instance according to the model schma, while using using insert, we have to write the object exacty the same as the final document!

  • "GET" method implementation? Answer: using mongodb query like findById and others to get the document from db, and sometimes we need id to retrieve info from subdocument. Besides, geoNear is handy in mongodb to get displaying documents by distance.

  • Some important places for error checking:

    • If argument is in the req.body or req.query or req.params. if not, return a message in res saying founding no argument in coming request.
    • Then given an ID(probably), we may want to search that document in database using getById(), and the callback function contains an error object, which indicates whether or not searching database is succeeded or not. If not, return a message saying object not found in database.
    • When we tried to update of create a new document, we may usually use save and create, the callback function contains an error object either, it indicates whether or not such instance can be created or updated correctly, if the error message appears, it usually dues to the fact that some fields violates the validation rules specified in database schema.