Exception logging via customized dispatch methods
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Expojure helps you track errors in your Clojure applications using customized handler methods


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  3. Profit!


	(expojure.core/try 	[exception-handler] 
						(/ 1 0)
						(catch Exception e (...optional block here)
						(finally (...optional block here))))


To add your own dispatch extensions to the library, simply construct a function that takes an Exception class, and handle it! You could write it to your logs, a database, or send it by carrier pigeon!

Example handlers

A handler that prints the exception to stderr

	(defn print-handler [e]
		(binding [*out* *err*]
		(println (expojure.util/stack-trace-as-str e))))

	(expojure.core/try [print-handler] 
      			   (/ 1 0))

A handler that writes the exception to disk in json format

	(defn file-handler [directory e]
		  (let [occurred-at (expojure.util/current-time)
			message (.getMessage e )
			class (.toString (.getClass e))
			stack-trace (stack-trace-as-vec e)
			as-str (json/json-str {"exception" {"occurred_at" occurred-at
					   "message" message
					   "backtrace" stack-trace
					   "exception_class" class}})
			file-name (string/replace-char \ \- (str class "-" occurred-at ".exception"))]
		    (ds/spit (str @output-directory "/" file-name) as-str)))

	(expojure.core/try [(partial file-handler "exceptions")] 
		      			(/ 1 0))

A handler that writes exceptions to the getexceptional.com API

	(require '[clj-http.client :as client])
	(require '[ring.middleware.gzip :as gzip])
	(require '[clojure.contrib.json :as json])
	(def api-key "")

	(defn- body-to-bytes [resp]
	  (let [body-stream (:body resp)
		bytes-available (.available body-stream)
		bytes (byte-array bytes-available)
		_ (.read bytes body-stream 0 bytes-available)]
	    (assoc resp :body bytes)))

	(defn- to-json [e]
	  (let [occurred-at (current-time)
		message (.getMessage e )
		class (.toString (.getClass e))
		stack-trace (stack-trace-as-vec e)
		body {"application_environment" {"application_root_directory" ""
						 "env" {}}
		      "exception" {"occurred_at" occurred-at
				   "message" message
				   "backtrace" stack-trace
				   "exception_class" class}
		      "client" {"name" "expojure"
				"version" "1.0.0-SNAPSHOT"
				"protocol_version" 6}}]
	    (json-str body)))

	(defn exceptional-handler [e]
	  (let [req (body-to-bytes (gzip/gzipped-response
				     {:body (to-json e)
				      :headers {"Content-Type" "application/json"
						"Accept" "application/json"
						"User-Agent" "expojure/1.0.0-SNAPSHOT"}}))]
	     (str "http://api.getexceptional.com/api/errors?api_key=" api-key "&protocol_version=6")

	(expojure.core/try [exceptional-handler] 
			      		(/ 1 0))

A handler that writes exceptions to Amazon's S3 service

	(require '[cemerick.rummage :as sdb])
	(require '[cemerick.rummage.encoding :as enc])
	(require '[clojure.contrib.json :as json])
	(import 'java.util.UUID)
	(def aws-key "")
	(def aws-secret-key "")
	(def db-name "")
	(defn- uuid [] (.toString (UUID/randomUUID)))
	(defn- store-message [message]
	  (let [client (sdb/create-client aws-key aws-secret-key)
		    aws-config (assoc enc/keyword-strings :client client)
		    host-name (.. java.net.InetAddress getLocalHost getHostName)]
	      (sdb/create-domain aws-config db-name) ;a bit of a silly hack to reload the db
	      (sdb/put-attrs aws-config db-name {::sdb/id (uuid)
							 :time-stamp (util/current-time)
							 :message message}))))
	(defn aws-s3-handler [e]
	  (let [occurred-at (expojure.util/current-time)
			message (.getMessage e )
			class (.toString (.getClass e))
			stack-trace (expojure.util/stack-trace-as-vec e)
			; note that there is a maximum length of 1024 characters per value
			; so we only take the top 5 stack elements
			message (json/json-str {:exception {:message message
												:class class
												 :stack-trace (take 5 stack-trace)}})]
	    (store-message message)))
	(expojure.core/try [aws-s3-handler] 
				      	(/ 1 0))

Copyright © 2011 Corey M. Hoffstein