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(ns edu.arizona.fnparse.math
(:require [ :as k] [clojure.template :as template]))
(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)
(declare <expr> <ws>)
(def <digit>
(k/hook #(Integer/parseInt (str %))
(k/term "a decimal digit" #(Character/isDigit (char %)))))
(def <ws-char> (k/set-term "whitespace" " \n\t"))
(def <ws> (k/+ (k/cat #'<ws> <ws-char>) <ws-char>))
(def <ws?> (k/opt <ws>))
(template/do-template [rule-name token]
(def rule-name (k/suffix (k/lit token) <ws?>))
<plus-sign> \+, <minus-sign> \-, <multiplication-sign> \*, <division-sign> \/,
<opening-parenthesis> \(, <closing-parenthesis> \))
(def <indicator>
(k/label "an indicator"
(k/+ <plus-sign> <minus-sign> <multiplication-sign> <division-sign>
<opening-parenthesis> <closing-parenthesis>)))
(def <separator> (k/+ <ws> <indicator>))
(def <number>
(k/label "a number"
(k/+ (k/for [first-digits #'<number>, next-digit <digit>]
(+ (* 10 first-digits) next-digit))
(def <symbol-char> (k/except "a symbol character" k/<anything> <separator>))
(def <symbol-content>
(k/+ (k/for [first-char <symbol-char>, next-chars #'<symbol-content>]
(cons first-char next-chars))
(k/hook list <symbol-char>)))
(def <symbol>
(k/label "a symbol" (k/hook #(apply str %) <symbol-content>)))
(def <terminal-level>
(k/+ <number> <symbol>))
(def <parenthesized>
(k/circumfix <opening-parenthesis> #'<expr> <closing-parenthesis>))
(def <function> (k/vcat <symbol> <parenthesized>))
(def <parenthesized-level>
(k/+ <parenthesized> <terminal-level>))
(def <function-level>
(k/+ <function> <parenthesized-level>))
(def <pos-neg-level>
(k/+ (k/vcat (k/+ <plus-sign> <minus-sign>) <function-level>)
(def <multiplication-level>
(k/+ (k/vcat
(k/+ <multiplication-sign> <division-sign>)
(def <addition-level>
(k/+ (k/vcat
(k/+ <plus-sign> <minus-sign>)
(def <expr> (k/prefix <ws?> <addition-level>))
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