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fixed bug found by Matthew O'Connor

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commit 803c4f6d4b86e11d2810dda73fca487f45b4f04c 1 parent 46cc340
Joshua Choi authored
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 src/name/choi/joshua/fnparse/json.clj
4 src/name/choi/joshua/fnparse/json.clj
@@ -230,9 +230,9 @@
(binding [*remainder-accessor* remainder-a] ; this is completely
; optional
(rule-match text
- #(raise parse-error "invalid document \"%s\""
+ #(raise parse-error % "invalid document \"%s\""
(apply-str (remainder-a %)))
- #(raise parse-error "leftover data after a valid node \"%s\""
+ #(raise parse-error %2 "leftover data after a valid node \"%s\""
(apply-str (remainder-a %2)))
(struct state-s tokens 0 0))))
; The call to rule-match above is equivalent to the stuff below:
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