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; This script was last used with Clojure 1.0
; Meant to be run from inside the project folder, just outside the src folder.
; java -cp /Users/joshuachoi/Development/clojure/clojure-1.0.0.jar:/Users/joshuachoi/Development/clojure-contrib/clojure-contrib.jar:../FnParse/src/:./src/:./test/ clojure.main src/convert-to-xml.clj | tee src/Lojban-English.xml
; java -jar ~/Development/jing/bin/jing.jar /Developer/Extras/Dictionary\ Development\ Kit/documents/DictionarySchema/AppleDictionarySchema.rng src/Lojban-English.xml
; cd src; make; make install; make clean; cd ..
(require '[clojure.xml :as xml])
(require '[clojure.contrib.str-utils2 :as s])
(use '
(use 'clojure.contrib.str-utils)
(use 'clojure.contrib.seq-utils)
(use 'clojure.contrib.except)
(use 'clojure.contrib.fcase)
(use 'name.choi.joshua.fnparse)
;(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)
(def stop-re #"\.")
(defstruct word-s :type :rafsi :selmaho :definition :notes :keywords :etymologies)
(defstruct etymology-s :language :lojbanized :natives :transliteration :translation)
(def get-type (accessor word-s :type))
(def get-selmaho (accessor word-s :selmaho))
(def get-rafsi (accessor word-s :rafsi))
(def get-definition (accessor word-s :definition))
(def get-notes (accessor word-s :notes))
(def get-keywords (accessor word-s :keywords))
(def get-language (accessor etymology-s :language))
(defn last-char [string]
(.charAt string (-> string count dec)))
(def apply-str (partial apply str))
(def str-flatten (comp apply-str flatten))
(defn map-from-pairs [pairs]
(reduce (fn [a-map [k v]] (assoc a-map k (conj (get a-map k []) v))) {} pairs))
; Word data functions
(defn certain-direction-node [from-lang to-lang direction-nodes]
(fn [each-node]
(let [node-attrs (xml/attrs each-node)]
(if (and (= (:from node-attrs) from-lang) (= (:to node-attrs) to-lang))
(defn xml-tag-content-fn [xml-tag]
(fn [xml-node]
(if (= (xml/tag xml-node) xml-tag)
(defn parse-vector-content [node-tag valsi-content]
(map (comp first xml/content) (filter (xml-tag-content-fn node-tag) valsi-content)))
(defn parse-single-content [node-tag valsi-content]
(let [node (-> node-tag xml-tag-content-fn (some valsi-content))]
(if node
(-> node xml/content first))))
(defn parse-e-to-l [dict-content]
(let [dict-direction (certain-direction-node "English" "lojban" dict-content)]
(for [nlword (xml/content dict-direction)]
(let [attrs (xml/attrs nlword)
word (:word attrs)
valsi (:valsi attrs)
sense (:sense attrs)]
[valsi (apply str word (if sense [" (" sense ")"]))]))))
(defn parse-l-to-e [dict-content gloss-words]
(let [dict-direction (certain-direction-node "lojban" "English" dict-content)]
(for [valsi (xml/content dict-direction)]
(let [attrs (xml/attrs valsi)
word-type (:type attrs)
word (:word attrs)
content (xml/content valsi)
rafsi (parse-vector-content :rafsi content)
selmaho (parse-vector-content :selmaho content)
definition (parse-single-content :definition content)
notes (parse-single-content :notes content)
keywords (gloss-words word)]
[word (struct word-s word-type rafsi selmaho definition notes keywords)]))))
(defn parse-jbovlaste [source]
(let [dict-content (:content (xml/parse source))
e-to-l (-> dict-content parse-e-to-l map-from-pairs)
l-to-e (parse-l-to-e dict-content e-to-l)]
(into {} l-to-e)))
; Word origin functions
(defn language-processor
[language-name source-fields transliteration-field translation-field]
(fn [fields]
[(fields 0)
(struct etymology-s
language-name (fields 2)
(interpose "/" (filter (partial not= "") (map fields source-fields)))
(if transliteration-field (get fields transliteration-field "???") "~")
(if transliteration-field (get fields translation-field "???") "~"))]))
(def language-processors
{"src/lojban-source-words_zh.txt" (language-processor "Chinese" [3 4] 5 6)
"src/lojban-source-words_es.txt" (language-processor "Spanish" [3] nil 4)
"src/lojban-source-words_en.txt" (language-processor "English" [3] nil nil)
"src/lojban-source-words_ru.txt" (language-processor "Russian" [3] 4 5)
"src/lojban-source-words_hi.txt" (language-processor "Hindi" [3] 4 5)})
(defn parse-language-1 [field-processor line-seq]
(map (comp field-processor vec (partial re-split #"\t")) line-seq))
(defn parse-languages []
(map-from-pairs (mapcat #(parse-language-1 (val %) (read-lines (key %)))
; XML escape character functions.
(def xml-escaped-chars
[[#";" "`SEMICOLON`"]
[#"<" "&lt;"]
[#">" "&gt;"]
[#"&" "&amp;"]
[#"'" "&apos;"]
[#"\"" "&quot;"]])
(def id-escaped-chars
{#"'" "h"
#"," "-"
#"\." "_"
#"\s" "--"})
(defn replace-escape-chars [escaped-chars string]
(if string
(loop [cur-string string, cur-escaped-char-seq escaped-chars]
(if (seq cur-escaped-char-seq)
(let [esc-pair (first cur-escaped-char-seq)
pattern (esc-pair 0)
replacement (esc-pair 1)]
(recur (s/replace cur-string pattern replacement)
(rest cur-escaped-char-seq)))
(def replace-xml-escape-chars
(partial replace-escape-chars xml-escaped-chars))
(def replace-id-escape-chars
(partial replace-escape-chars id-escaped-chars))
; Splitting definitions and notes on commas outside parentheses and brackets
(def line-separator-r
(lit-conc-seq "`SEMICOLON`"))
(def replaced-semicolon-r
(constant-semantics line-separator-r ";"))
(def regular-text-r
(rep+ (except anything line-separator-r)))
(defn delimited-text-rm [prefix suffix]
(complex [content-prefix (lit prefix)
content (rep* (except (alt replaced-semicolon-r anything) (lit suffix)))
content-suffix (lit suffix)]
[content-prefix content content-suffix]))
(def parentheses-text-r
(delimited-text-rm \( \)))
(def bracketed-text-r
(delimited-text-rm \[ \]))
(def delimited-text-r
(alt parentheses-text-r bracketed-text-r))
(def line-r
(rep* (alt delimited-text-r regular-text-r)))
(def ws-r
(rep* (lit \space)))
(def separated-line-r
(complex [_ ws-r, _ (lit-conc-seq "`SEMICOLON`"), _ ws-r, line line-r]
(def definition-r
(complex [first-line line-r, rest-lines (rep* separated-line-r)]
(map str-flatten (cons first-line rest-lines))))
(defn split-list-items [string]
(binding [*remainder-accessor* identity
*remainder-setter* #(identity %2)]
(rule-match definition-r
#(throwf "ERROR invalid definition %s" %)
#(throwf "ERROR leftovers in definition \"%s\" \"%s\"" %1 (apply-str %2))
; Dump data as Apple dictionary XML.
(defn transform-string [string process]
(if (empty? string) "" (process string)))
(defn match-latex [string]
; Also! Math powers may take the form 8^{23}.
(if-let [power-match (re-matches #"(\d+)\^(?:\{(\-?\d+)\}|(\d+))" string)]
(str (power-match 1) "<sup>" (or (power-match 2) (power-match 3)) "</sup>")
(format "<var>%s</var>"
#(if-let [match (re-matches #"(\w)+_(?:\{(\d+)\}|(\d+))" %)]
(let [var-name (match 1)
var-num (or (match 2) (match 3))]
[var-name "<sub>" var-num "</sub>"])
(throwf "ERROR invalid LaTEX expression: %s" string))
(re-split #"\s*=\s*" string))))))
(def replace-indicators
(comp (partial re-gsub #"\{|\}" "")
(partial re-gsub #"\$([^$]+)\$" #(match-latex (% 1)))))
(def replace-semicolons
(partial re-gsub #"`SEMICOLON`" ";"))
(defn split-rafsi [x]
(if (= x "") nil (re-split #"\s+" x)))
(def transform-list-items
(partial map
#(if (= (last-char %) \.)
(format "<li>%s</li>" %)
(format "<li>%s.</li>" %))))
(def join-list-items
(partial str-join "\n"))
(defn- prepare-definition [string]
(-> string
(def remove-bad-indexes
(partial remove #(or (nil? %) (= "the" %) (= "" %))))
(def transform-indexes
(partial map (comp (partial format "<d:index d:value=\"%s\"/>")
(defn- prepare-indexes [word keywords rafsi]
(let [stripped-word (re-gsub stop-re "" word)]
(-> #{word stripped-word} (into rafsi) (into keywords) remove-bad-indexes
transform-indexes join-list-items)))
;(defn- prepare-indexes [word keyword rafsi]
; (let [stripped-word (re-gsub stop-re "" word)
; keyword-tokens (re-split #"\s+" keyword)]
; (-> #{word stripped-word keyword} (into keyword-tokens) (into rafsi) remove-bad-indexes
; transform-indexes join-list-items)))
(defn- prepare-secondary-info [word-datum word rafsi word-type]
(if-let [secondary-info
(case word-type
(cons "rafsi: "
(interpose ", " (map #(vector "<strong>" % "</strong>")
(cons word rafsi))))
(cons "selma'o: " (get-selmaho word-datum)))]
(str-flatten [" ( " secondary-info " )"])
(def transform-notes
(partial format "<p class=\"notes\">%s</p>"))
(defn- prepare-notes [string]
(if (or (nil? string) (= string ""))
(-> string replace-indicators replace-semicolons
(defn- make-etymology-table [etymology-data word]
(let [etymologies (etymology-data word)]
(if (empty? etymologies)
(fn [etymology]
(vector "<tr>" (map #(vector "<td>" (val %) "</td>") etymology) "</tr>\n"))
(defn dump-xml [data etymology-data]
(println "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>
<d:dictionary xmlns=\"\"
<d:entry id=\"front-back-matter\" d:title=\"(front/back matter)\">
<div class=\"matter\">
<h1>The Lojban Dictionary in English</h1>
<p>Entries are taken on the <a href=\"\">Jbovlaste dictionary</a>. Gismu etymologies are thanks to <a href=\"\">Mublin</a>, who worked hard to compile them.</p>
<p>Last updated on 2009-07-01.</p>
<li><a href=\"\">The official Lojban Website</a></li>
<li><a href=\"\">The Complete Lojban Language</a></li>
<li><a href=\"\">The Complete Lojban Language</a></li>
<li><a href=\"\">Jbovlaste, the de facto editable community dictionary</a></li>
<li><a href=\"\">Mublin's Lojban etymologies</a></li>
(doseq [data-pair data]
(let [word (data-pair 0)
word-datum (data-pair 1)
type (get-type word-datum)
word-id (replace-id-escape-chars word)
keywords (map replace-xml-escape-chars (get-keywords word-datum))
rafsi (if (= type "gismu") (get-rafsi word-datum))
definition (-> word-datum get-definition replace-xml-escape-chars)
notes (-> word-datum get-notes replace-xml-escape-chars)
etymology-table (if (= type "gismu")
(make-etymology-table etymology-data word)
(printf "<d:entry id=\"%s\" d:title=\"%s\">
<p class=\"word-type\">%s%s</p>
word-id word (prepare-indexes word keywords rafsi) word type
(prepare-secondary-info word-datum word rafsi type) (prepare-definition definition)
(prepare-notes notes) etymology-table)))
(println "\n</d:dictionary>"))
(defn main- []
(let [; This is where the word data is read from the Jbovlaste XML dump.
word-data (parse-jbovlaste "src/xml-export.xml")
; This is where the word origin data is read.
etymology-data (parse-languages)]
; (println word-data)))
(dump-xml word-data etymology-data)))
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