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Show debug info after finishing seeding like execution time or queries count, that can help you write better seeders.
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Laravel Seeder Debugger

Get simple debug info after finished seeding, like this:

Database seeding completed successfully.
Seeding execution time: 8.6s.
Database queries executed: 329.
Current RAM usage is 18.7MB with peak during execution 59.1MB.

Thanks to this info you can try to write more efficient seeders :)

Do you need more info in debug? Feedback and pull requests are welcome.

NOTE: This library is part of my laravel-seeder-extended that beside of just debugging is adding extra methods. You can use this library alone or laravel-seeder-extender depends of your needs.


  • Laravel / Lumen 5.5 or higher (written on 5.8, not tested on lower than 5.5 but should work on 5.*)

Instalation with Composer

composer require chojnicki/laravel-seeder-debugger


In DatabaseSeeder.php simply replace:

use Illuminate\Database\Seeder;


use Chojnicki\LaravelSeederDebugger\Seeder;


If you want to debug seeding outside console (for ex. use Log) then there is event SeedingFinished that you can listen to.


use Chojnicki\LaravelSeederDebugger\Events\SeedingFinished;

In you listener, $event->debug will return array with all info used in console, be keys: execution_time, queries_count, ram_usage, ram_usage_peak.


This debugger simply extends original Seeder library (is not a fork) so all functionality is preserved and there should not be conflicts with already written seeders.

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