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Quick generate HTML reports from your Jupyter Notebooks.

This is a lightweight Jupyter plugin that gives you the option to download a report from the Jupyter Notebook interface. Upon installing, you get a new button in the Download as section that, when clicked, does the following things:

  1. Removes all empty cells
  2. Removes any cells with hide_cell in the tags
  3. Removes the code of any cells with hide_code in the tags
  4. Clears the stderr output
  5. Clears the input / output numbers
  6. Adds author / title information to the top of the page
  7. Outputs the notebook as a single HTML file that can be opened in the browser.


nbreport uses another lightweight tool called nbclean in order to accomplish the above, along with a simple template designed for nbconvert.


To install nbreport, first clone this repository to your computer, then run

pip install -e nbreport/

Finally, activate nbreport on your Jupyter environment with the following command:

jupyter bundlerextension enable --py nbreport --sys-prefix


There are two primary ways to use nbreport:

  • As a command-line tool. You can invoke nbreport from the command line with the following command:

    nbreport path/to/notebook.ipynb

    It will output the HTML file in the same directory as the notebook you used as input.

  • From the Jupyter Notebook interface. From a live Notebook, you can convert the current notebook to an HTML report by following clicking on File --> Download As --> NBReport. The HTML will be created in the same folder as the notebook you've opened.

Command-line options

You can expand the functionality of nbreport with a few extra command-line options. For example, the --css parameter allows you to include arbitrary extra CSS files with your built HTML, allowing you to style it however you like.

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