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A repository for tutorials to supplement the encoding model methods paper
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Tutorials for Encoding/Decoding Models in Cognitive Neuroscience

This is a short collection of notebooks describing how to create encoding and decoding models of cognitive neuroscience. It accompanies the journal article Encoding and Decoding in Cognitive Electrophysiology.

The notebooks focus on auditory analysis and machine learning using electrophysiological signals recorded from the brain. Check out index.ipynb for a description of these materials, and see the Binder link below for an interactive version..


  • This Binder link is the easiest way to quickly interact with this repository. It should allow you to run all of the analyses and code. (or click the badge below)

If you'd like to run the code locally, simply clone this repository, make sure you have all the packages installed in the requirements.txt file, and open a jupyter notebook session from within the root folder.


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