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Eclipse plugin for advanced brackets highlighting
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Bracketeer is a platform used to enrich the editors in Eclipse.


  • Coloring the brackets surrounding the cursor & brackets which have no match.
  • Showing automatic comments on brackets closing: loops, functions, etc...
  • Highly customizable.

Current supported editors:

  • JDT (java)
  • CDT (C/C++).


In your Eclipse, go to: Help->Install new software...
Enter the URL (in "Work with"):
From the chookapp category, choose any Bracketeer editor support you want (CDT - for C/C++, JDT - for java, etc...).
For example, choosing "Bracketeer CDT support" will install the Bracketeer infrastructure (if not already installed) and the CDT editor support. It is not advised to install a Bracketeer support for an editor type which is not already installed in your Eclipse (although it shouldn't do any actual harm).


Screen shots


You can find more information and screenshots in the Wiki or in the preferences help pages (after installing Bracketeer in Eclipse)


Build notes

Build 1.2.0 (3/3/2012)

  • Modified default hot-keys for enable/disable hints (Ctrl-[, Ctrl-H) and enable/disable surrounding brackets (Ctrl-[, Ctrl-S), as suggested in issue 7.
  • The popup now has colors and highlights the matching bracket.
  • Added hints for break/continue from within "for", "while", "do", switch's "case"/"default" and Java's "foreach". This should address issue 3.
  • Improved support for matching pairs of angular brackets when used in template expressions (both in C++ and in Java).
  • Improved pair matching when there is inactive code (C++ only, obviously).
  • Some small bug fixes.

Build 1.1.0 (21/1/2012)

  • Fixed issue 1 - Support Google's WindowBuilder.
  • Fixed issue 2 and issue 5 - Null pointer exceptions.
  • Option of using a rectangle outline when highlighting brackets.
  • Option to ignore pairs which are close to each other.
  • Added annotation to "missing pair".
  • Fixed issue 4 - Support also C statements (not only C++).
  • Show "hint" when hovering (overriding "regular" behavior)
  • Show basic popup when hovering over a closing bracket (will be improved on the next version)
  • Fixed issue 6 - Join hint's multiple lines to one line.
  • Some small bug fixes.

Build 1.0.0 (23/12/2011)

  • Initial implementation.
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