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Airport Express emulation with room correction.

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These files are a head start on setting up an Apple-friendly wireless music system. Basically install this stuff on a PC connected to your stereo and it will:
 - emulate AirPlay so you can stream audio to it from iTunes, an iPhone, or other iOS device
 - do room correction, correcting for many imperfections in your speakers or room treatment

I've considered but not implemented a web UI and Pandora support, playing music from the internal hard drive, and ShoutCast client support.

This project relies on the following pieces of software:

DRC from Denis Sbragion

Shairport from James Laird

BruteFIR from Anders Torger

To Do
	look at shairport behavior when the stream from the client fails (may still get stuck in those cases) (it appears to get stuck in the same way but a new client can still connect and play audio, maybe should make it block in buffer_get_frame)
	run the jack daemon with realtime priority & configure brutefir appropriately (should stop the occasional clicks in the audio)
	investigate why we're getting so many "requesting resend on... packets"
	figure out the correct calculation for total necessary attenuation
	script recalibration
	investigate switching filtering to all 48k (upsampling at the front end)
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