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a better git(hub) forks visualizer
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is a different take on visualizing the git(hub) network. the purpose of this visualizer is to quickly identify the difference between forks (and branches) in terms of "changes" (by way of commit logs). this helps me find forks that has the changes I want (usually because the original repository went dormant or something)


forks of the project will be fetched (and cached locally in a .json file). each fork (and all branches) will be fetched and placed into a tree (based on parentage). html is generated from this tree, sprinkled with commit logs between itself and the parent.


ruby g2h.rb [url of github project]


ruby g2h.rb

rate limit

To have a higher rate limit, you can have g2h.rb make authenticated API calls by setting the HTTP_USER environment variable to your github username and HTTP_PASSWORD environment variable to a personal access tokens, OAuth token or your password


HTTP_USER=choonkeat HTTP_PASSWORD=topsecret ruby g2h.rb


Chew Choon Keat



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