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Your Own ZNC Bot On dotCloud

ZNC is an IRC bouncer. Instead of connecting directly to an IRC network, you connect to ZNC, and ZNC connects to the IRC server. When you disconnect, ZNC keeps running, and remains in the channels you joined. It will log messages while you are away, and replay them when you reconnect. Also, when you are disconnected, it automatically changes your nick by prefixing it with zz_.

To run your own ZNC bouncer on dotCloud, just do the following (don't forget to change mylogin and somepassword, of course):

git clone git://
dotcloud push bouncer znc-on-dotcloud
dotcloud var set bouncer ZNC_USER=mylogin ZNC_PASS=somepassword
dotcloud info bouncer.znc

In the output of the last command, look for something like:

- name: irc
  url: tcp://

The last line contains the host ( and the port (12345) that you should enter in your IRC client. Don't forget to specify the same login and password as you did on the dotcloud var set line!

Custom Configuration

The configuration is generated on-the-fly by the znc/run script. So if you want to run a custom configuration, you should edit it there, and push your service again.


If you used git clone to initialize your local repository, remember that when pushing a git repository to dotCloud, you have to commit your changes, or push with the --all option!

Alternate Configuration Method

Note that instead of using dotcloud var, you can also edit dotcloud.yml, uncomment znc_user and znc_pass and set them to whatever you like. Note that the run-time variables (set with dotcloud var) will override the build-time variables (set in dotcloud.yml).

See also the warning above about pushing a git repository.