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import numpy as np
import caffe
import random
# For Usage in digits, add the following to the network protocol
# layer {
# name: "augmentation_layer"
# type: "Python"
# bottom: "data"
# top: "data"
# python_param {
# module: "digits_python_layers"
# layer: "AugmentationLayer"
# param_str: '{"rotate": True, "color": True, "color_a_min": .9, "color_a_max": 1.1, "color_b_min": -10, "color_b_max": 10}'
# }
# }
def doRotation(imgs,args):
return np.rot90(imgs, random.randrange(4), axes=(2,3))
def doColorAug(imgs,args):
# simple H&E color augmentation based on
# Domain-adversarial neural networks to address the appearance variability of
# histopathology images
#NOTE, defaults assume data was stored as uint8 [0,255] . if data is stored as [0,1], scale accordingly
return imgs * np.random.uniform(args["a_min"], args["a_max"], [1,3,1,1]) + np.random.uniform(args["b_min"], args["b_max"], [1,3,1,1])
def doAugmenttion(funcs,img):
for func,args in funcs:
return img
class AugmentationLayer(caffe.Layer):
def setup(self, bottom, top):
assert len(bottom) == 1, 'requires a single layer.bottom'
assert bottom[0].data.ndim >= 3, 'requires image data'
assert len(top) == 1, 'requires a single'
params = eval(self.param_str)
self.funcs= [] #create a list of augmentations to add
if(params.get("rotate",False)): #check if we want rotational augmentation
if (params.get("color", False)): #check if we want color augmentation
color["a_min"] = params.get("color_a_min",.9) #values pulled from paper
color["a_max"] = params.get("color_a_max",1.1)
color["b_min"] = params.get("color_b_min",-10)
color["b_max"] = params.get("color_b_max",10)
def reshape(self, bottom, top):
# Copy shape from bottom
def forward(self, bottom, top):
for func, args in self.funcs:
top[0].data[...] = func(bottom[0].data[...], args)
def backward(self, top, propagate_down, bottom):