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Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics

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  1. Service that exposes Prometheus metrics for a SQL result set.

    Go 190 54

  2. HTTP interface for executing ad-hoc SQL queries.

    Go 89 26

  3. [NOT MAINTAINED] DataExpress is a simple, Scala-based cross database ETL toolkit supporting Postgres, MySql, Oracle, SQLServer, and Sqlite

    Scala 70 9

  4. Python DICOM Anonymizer

    Python 62 21

  5. avocado Public archive

    Metadata APIs for Django

    Python 41 10

  6. origins Public

    Origins is an open source bi-temporal database for storing and retrieving facts for slowly-changing data. It support "time travel" queries and has built-in change detection.

    Go 39 6


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