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Commits on May 06, 2013
Jeff Miller jeffmax Prevent symbolic link to non-existent dir. 9930945
Byron Ruth bruth Abstract out base Model and Collection
This handles parsing the `_links` response data and adding them to a
local `urls` object.
Byron Ruth bruth Update GET param for querying the fields and concepts endpoints 7dcfb1d
Byron Ruth bruth Add local sub-collections to ConceptCollection
This differentiates between _queryable_ vs. _viewable_ concepts
for the query and results views, respectively.
Byron Ruth bruth Replace ConcepForm field form logic with FieldFormCollection
The collection handles rendering each field's control and the first
available chart. This logic may need to be improved or make it more
Byron Ruth bruth Add support for multi-key/value context node lookups
Empty lookups return false, only if each key/value pair match does it
return true.
Byron Ruth bruth Add option for creating the representative node if lookup fails
Supports the common 'get or create' use case if `options.create` is true
Byron Ruth bruth Update Field and Concept models with base models
Replace Concept.fields array with a collection. This enables binding
events, which further enables lazily loading the Concept's field data
only when it's initially _focused_.
Byron Ruth bruth Add two additional targets for creating a source dist vs. uglified deb9257
Byron Ruth bruth Remove SESSION_OPENED subscriber for FieldCollection
The field data is not used directly by any UI elements and does not
need to be loaded. Furthermore, each Concept handles loading it's
specific set of fields so this collection would be redundant.
Byron Ruth bruth Update package.json, add bower.json 7965fff
Byron Ruth bruth Add contributors 86390fb
Byron Ruth bruth Add compatibility section to README f9614b5
Byron Ruth bruth Update install section for NPM and Bower repos 4f8114b
Byron Ruth bruth Fix syntax for linking extensions directory 9639b3f
Jeff Miller jeffmax Makefile error. cbfbb40
Jeff Miller jeffmax Merge be1054d
Jeff Miller jeffmax Testing for wrong directory. 7e2f79b
Byron Ruth bruth Break out mock concept field data into separate files 77716e7
Commits on May 07, 2013
Byron Ruth bruth Fix malformed JSON 66358b3
Byron Ruth bruth Rename @urls => @links to correspond with HAL spec
This also makes it more clear these are links to _other_ resources as
suppose to alternate urls for the object.
Jeff Miller jeffmax Fix empty field model attr.
Fix stack overflow error on context object.
Jeff Miller jeffmax Change mock for concepts-31-fields.json
The vocab browser uses _link.self to refer to its own resource root,
so here self.href needs to point to a new root.json file for the
vocab browser. Originally I used values for this, but it really didn't
seem to make sense the more I worked with it
Commits on May 08, 2013
Byron Ruth bruth Initial commit for context UI b9f6fc4
Byron Ruth bruth Update context mock to match Serrano changes
Update ContextNode view to correctly parse and flatten the language
text for nested nodes.
Jeff Miller jeffmax BranchNodeModel initialize - deep = true
This is now enabled by default.
Byron Ruth bruth Merge branch 'thin-client' into query-filters d1e7f86
Byron Ruth bruth Add EmptyView for consistent styling with loader option 895f913
Byron Ruth bruth Fix unwrapped Bootstrap, fix missing jQuery reference in Highcharts 5021ee1
Byron Ruth bruth Update empty view e544dcb
Byron Ruth bruth Remove options object initialization prior to _.extend
_.extend ignores null/undefined arguments
Commits on May 09, 2013
Byron Ruth bruth Fix chart options parsing
Rename unclear options.options => options.chart
Byron Ruth bruth Perform a reset on queryable and viewable collections
Remove condition to ignore models without a `queryview`. This was a
previous behavior that is not longer. Collections passed into the
ConceptIndex are expected to be pre-filtered.
Byron Ruth bruth Merge branch 'thin-client' into results-workflow