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Drop non-client-side dependencies #70

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This translates to dropping the Python/Django dependency. This lays the foundation for using Cilantro as a client to multiple separate Harvest instances. This will solve one facet of the 100 Harvest Problem™.

In order for this to work a few requirements must be met:

  • Cilantro's JavaScript components must be a standalone encapsulated modules (when built and minified) #71
    • This ensures flexibility for integration in other custom-made clients
  • A very simple base HTML page with CSS must be supplied #72 (see Install & Setup)
    • This is not too different from the current behavior, but ensures it will work immediately out of the box
  • Clearly defined and well-documented view classes used to populate the client
    • This enables integrating the default Cilantro layout/UI/behavior into an existing web page
  • A utility function(s) for getting URLs relative to Cilantro's navigation via push- and popState (see #89)
    • This ensures existing sites/apps can integrate well from other navigation areas
  • Serrano must have an endpoint (it does) that returns all other immediately necessary endpoints to populate the client/session
  • Serrano must support CORS (see chop-dbhi/serrano#28)
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Update to use the pure JavaScript Cilantro client #10

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