Refactor of the Control API and view mixin #432

merged 5 commits into from Feb 21, 2014
Commits on Feb 21, 2014
  1. Port cilantro.utils to JavaScript

    bruth committed Feb 21, 2014
  2. Ensure chart renders below the field form controls

    bruth committed Feb 21, 2014
    This was the previous behavior, but had been changed in 537d61e by
  3. Refactor of the Control API and view mixin

    bruth committed Feb 21, 2014
    Previously the control took a ContextNodeModel instance and could
    freely manipulate it. However this led to inconsistent data if the
    control failed to set/get certain properties. Furthermore, exposing the
    context object to the control directly created a hard dependency between
    the context and control APIs.
    This refactor removes exposure of the context to the control view. It is
    no longer passed as an option to the control during initialization. The
    interaction between the control and the context solely works with
    bi-directional 'change' events.
    To facilitate setting the initial state of the control, controls now
    support the `wait`, `ready`, and `when` methods. For asynchronous
    operations that *must* complete prior to the initial state being set, the
    control can call `wait()` on itself followed by `ready()` when it is
    ready to receive the initial state of the context.
    Likewise, dependents of controls that require it's initial state to be set
    can call `when` on the control which returns a promise object that will be
    resolved or rejected at a later time.
    Third-party controls should be update to remove the call to `bindContext`
    and make use of the `wait` and `ready` methods when working with async
    Fix #415