Core Web Frontend, implements web frontend based on AngularJS which handles resource management, user authentication and initial display
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Kabam Core Web Frontend Build Status


This is the web frontend project for Kabam Framework developed using AngularJS. This project can only be run from Kabam Framework, although it has independent unit tests.

The main features provided by this module are:

  • The main client-side web-based Kabam Framework, initialized as an Angular Application.
  • Authentication UI module, including sign-up, login, logout, reset passwords and profile updating.
  • Groups (Organizational Units) Management
  • Users Management
  • Video, audio and text-based communication tools based on WebRTC
  • Search Engine inteface
  • Events Management

Kabam Framework users can extend this basic UI Framework and add more features. The packaged tools provided in this project are:

Development tools

You must have this tools installed:

This core web frontend is built based on the Yeoman workflow, so you must install the following tools to get started:

Get started


Clone the repository:

$ git clone

Install the dependencies

Install the dependencies:

$ npm install && bower install

Running Tests

We assume you already install the dependencies. To run the unit tests:

$ grunt test

Running the Application

This application can only be run from the kabam project or any other application that is developed using kabam.

In development mode you can link the two project to get a running application with live updates:

$ cd core-web-frontend
$ bower link

$ cd ../kabam
$ bower link kabam-core-web-frontend
$ node-dev skel/index.js


Licensed under the MIT License.