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Host Wordpress plugins


  • Install the code in a directory on your web server that is accessible, e.g.
  • Create a 'plugins' directory on your web server. This directory will hold your plugins readme.txt files.
  • Create a 'downloads' directory on your web server that is not directly accessible via the net, i.e. below your www root. This folder will hold your zipped plugins.


Create a config.php file and place it in the root directory. In the config file, define the following constants:

  • define('BASE_URL','.../'); // Base URL of installation
  • define('PLUGINS_DIR','/path/to/plugins/'); // Plugins folder
  • define('DOWNLOAD_DIR','.../'); //Download folder


Copy the file wp-plugin-update.php to your plugin folder and include the file at startup:


Open the file and:

  • edit the definition at the top of the file and set 'HOST_WP_PLUGINS_BASE_URL' to the same value as BASE_URL defined here above
  • do a search and replace of 'my_hosted_plugin' with the name of your plugin
  • do a search and replace of 'my_hosted_plugin_filename' with the name of your main plugin file. In most cases this will be the same as your plugin name.

Upload a zipped plugin to the 'downloads' folder and upload the readme.txt file to the 'plugins' folder. Note that in practice these folders could be in the same location.