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# Nitrogen 2.x
+## Nitrogen 2.0.3
+* Implement callbacks to chain Ajax effects (Jonas Ådahl)
+* Fix element name normalization (Jonas Ådahl)
+* Support for HTML5 semantic elements (Rajiv M Ranganath)
+* Fix recv_from_socket bug when running on Yaws (Gregory Haskins)
+* Update livevalidation.js dependency, fixes validation bug (Boris 'billiob' Faure)
+* Fix bug causing postbacks to continually grow in certain cases (Jonas Ådahl)
+* Added rudimentary support for building and running on Windows (Rusty Klophaus)
+* Allow creating page, element, and action stubs from Erlang console more easily (Rusty Klophaus)
## Nitrogen 2.0.2
* Fixed mochiweb bug that caused other headers to get clobbered when using default content type.

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