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Add comment for mochiweb max_request_size override

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1 parent 34f1d92 commit e8f42d8d804c65e28124e4a31b0336ed9d317157 @choptastic committed Mar 22, 2013
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@@ -16,6 +16,18 @@
%% Max Body of 10MB by default
+%% NOTE: It seems to be common for folks to manually override this directly in
+%% the code here. That, however, is not necessary. It's far simpler to set
+%% the faux-mochiweb environment variable max_reqest_size. I say "faux-mochiweb"
+%% because it isn't ACTUALLY a stock mochiweb variable, but just one that
+%% simple_bridge uses to override this hard-coded default.
+%% Either put the value into a mochiweb.config and load that, or you can
+%% just specify it in code or the console with:
+%% application:set_env(mochiweb, max_request_size, Size).
+%% where size is an integer containing the number of bytes
%% {Req, DocRoot} is deprecated

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