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The active branch is

In this repository you find a collection of scripts and experiments with chemlambda.

See more at

Short posts with animated gifs at the chemlambda collection:

How to use what's in there:

  1. download the gh-pages branch of the repo from this link
  2. unzip it and go to the folder "dynamic"
  3. there are pairs of scripts, like and quiner.awk. The parameters (number of cycles, weights of moves, visualisation parameters, see comments in the .awk script) are set by editing the script.
  4. use the command “bash” (same for all other pairs, script.awk)
  5. you shall see the list of all .mol files from the “dynamic” folder. Each mol file represents a chemlambda molecule. If you want to reproduce a demo, then choose the file.mol which corresponds to the file.html name of the demo page In case you set the weights in the quiner.awk different than 0, then you'll get the result of the random algorithm. If all weights are set to 0 then you shall obtain the result of a deterministic algorithm, which is the same no matter what.

An explanation of the algorithm embedded in the main script is here

but in quiner.awk there are additioned new moves for a busy beaver Turing machine, see the explanations in the work in progress

I use all the time my open notebook for more explanations and details. However, the open notebook contains as well older variants of chemlambda. In any case, the moves page is the one which holds the latest version.

There is an older gallery of examples, explanations and downloads, at the page

See also my channel for short videos about chemlambda