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Schemas for various Choria projects
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Choria Schemas

This repository holds various JSON Schema files that described data required by or generated by the Choria Project.

General Lifecycle Events

Various component events are supported, at present only the server support these but more will be added in time

Schema Description
choria/lifecycle Various events that will be published to choria.lifecycle.event on the middleware

Choria Server and Broker

Data structures of data produced and consumed by the main Choria Orchestrator

Schema Description
choria/adapters/natsstream Data generated by the NATS Streaming Data Adapter
choria/protocol The networking protocol of the Choria Orchestrator
choria/registration Data produced by registration plugins

Web Services

Choria defines some standards that web services have to implement to enable certain extension points:

Specification Description
choria/signer Signing service for remote authorization services in Swagger/OpenAPI format

Additional related messages are defined there like audit messages published by the signing service.

MCollective Compatibility Framework for Choria Server

A Compatibility Framework that allow the Choria Server to execute agents written in Ruby for MCollective

Schema Description
mcorpc/ddl JSON representations of MCollective DDL files

Choria Stream Replicator

Data produced by the Choria Stream Replicator

Schema Description
sr/*/age_advisory Advisories sent when machines have not produced data for a while
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