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MCollective Fact Source for Facter
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MCollective Facter Fact Source

Deprecation Notice

This repository holds legacy code related to The Marionette Collective project. That project has been deprecated by Puppet Inc and the code donated to the Choria Project.

Please review the Choria Project Website and specifically the MCollective Deprecation Notice for further information and details about the future of the MCollective project.


The facter plugin enables mcollective to use facter as a source for facts about your system.

Note: This method suffers from some issues due to how slow Facter can be in some cases, you should use Facter via YAML instead.



The following options can be set in server.cfg

  • plugin.facter.facterlib - where to find custom facts. Defaults to /var/lib/puppet/lib/facter:/var/lib/puppet/facts

Sample configuration:

factsource = facter
plugin.facter.facterlib = /var/lib/puppet/lib/otherfacts
fact_cache_time = 200


You should now be able to use all your facter facts in discovery and fact reporting.

% mco rpc rpcutil get_fact fact=osfamily
Discovering hosts using the mc method for 2 second(s) .... 2

 * [ ============================================================> ] 2 / 2

    Fact: osfamily
   Value: Debian

    Fact: osfamily
   Value: RedHat

Summary of Value:

   RedHat = 1
   Debian = 1

Finished processing 2 / 2 hosts in 3105.79 ms
% mco rpc rpcutil ping -F osfamily=RedHat
Discovering hosts using the mc method for 2 second(s) .... 1

 * [ ============================================================> ] 1 / 1
   Timestamp: 1360696771

Finished processing 1 / 1 hosts in 46.86 ms
% mco inventory
Inventory for


      architecture => x86_64
      augeasversion => 0.9.0
      boardmanufacturer => Intel Corporation
      boardproductname => 440BX Desktop Reference Platform
      boardserialnumber => None
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