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A Ruby gem that provides parsing and output of North American Numbering Plan (NANP) phone numbers, and includes location and time zones.
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A gem that provides parsing and output of phone numbers according to NANPA standards.

Phone numbers are not a big deal if you can validate the input at the time you've got a human right there. My enterprise tends not to have that ability, as we receive large files from clients with little or no validation done. Rather than abandon #s which don't validate, I wrote this to parse and normalize a string into a standard NANP phone number, possibly including an extension.

References: NANPA: North American Numbering Plan Administration

The YAML file with the valid area codes and easily recognizable codes (like 911) can get out of date. To update your own copy, run:

support/make_yaml_nanpa.rb > data/nanpa.yaml

require “dialable”

pn = Dialable::NANP.parse(“+1(800)555-1212 ext 1234”)

>> puts pn.to_s // Pretty output

800-555-1212 x1234

>> puts pn.to_digits // Address book friendly

8005551212 x1234

>> puts pn.to_dialable // PBX friendly


>> puts pn.extension


Also, pn.timezones and pn.relative_timezones should do the right thing.


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