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1.11 2015-05-21
- Bad key in META_MERGE prevented installation
1.10 2010-02-28
- New maintainer: Alexandr Ciornii
- Better error messages
- Tests fixed and expanded (RT#34734)
- SCALAR, HASH, ARRAY now work (RT#32247, RT#34734)
- Warning fixed
- Now calls sub with goto, means that croak/carp will work correctly
(still does not work when checking return)
- Add pod.t and fix a pod error
- Better Makefile.PL
1.02 30 Oct 2001
- Patches by Leon Brocard:
- new test suite (100 tests!) to expose bugs
- renamed int to integer so that it now works
- string now works
- number now works
- can now set and check returned values using 'returns'
(note associated change in getSignature)
1.01 22 Aug 2001
- now when a class name is passed it checks via
if ((blessed( $class ) || string( $class )) && $class->isa( $shouldbe )) {
so that you can call it as a class method and still pass the signature.
1.00 21 Aug 2001
- initial release
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