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Revision history for Perl module DateTime::Format::Epoch
0.16 2015-04-17
- Fixed problem when GMP library was used.
0.15 2015-04-12
- Forgot to update MANIFEST
0.14 2015-04-12
- NTP epoch added (Michiel Beijen)
0.13 2010-08-25
- GMP is used in two places, so fix second
0.12 2010-08-23
- Move to Module::Build
- Do not use GMP on Windows
- Report bigint library used in tests
0.11 2007-12-04
- Tried to make code work with Math::BigInt::* packages (tries to
solve bug reported by Philip (Flip) Kromer)
0.10 2006-05-23
- Removed midnight bug, reported by Jason Thaxter.
0.09 2004-10-18
- Worked around Math::BigInt bug on Solaris (hopefully)
- For the predefined epoch modules, format_datetime() and
parse_datetime() can now be called as class methods.
0.0801 2004-08-31
- Documentation change only
0.08 2004-08-27
- Added DateTime::Format::Epoch::ActiveDirectory. Thanks to Andrew
Sterling Hanenkamp for the information.
- Added modules for day counts: JD, MJD, RJD, TJD, RataDie, Lillian.
Thanks again to Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp for the idea.
0.07 2004-07-28
- Changed ::TAI64, test scripts after a change
concerning leap seconds.
If you use an epoch before 1972, and you do not ignore leap
seconds, you may see a 1 second difference in the results compared
to the output of version 0.06 or earlier.
If you use ::TAI64, the epoch has been corrected for this, and
timestamps after 1972 are unchanged.
If you use ::Unix or any of the other predefined epochs, you're
safe; these ignore leap seconds
0.06 2003-11-25
- Added support for other time units
- Added DateTime::Format::Epoch::DotNet
0.05 2003-07-18
- Changed API of DT::F::E::TAI64 (the format_datetime_as_string()
method is replaced by a parameter to the constructor)
- Added dhms parameter to new(), to return '2d, 4h, 15m, 45s'
0.04 2003-06-19
- Added start_at parameter to new()
- Added DateTime::Format::Epoch::TAI64
0.03 2003-05-06
- Removed a bug, which appeared after a DateTime change
0.02 2003-05-05
- First CPAN release version, with too many changes to mention
0.01 2003-04-27
- original version, only released to the sourceforge CVS