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2 parents fabc219 + 760f40d commit 8b0a6dd83647de5e4803378d4d05c4d26fd845bf @chorny committed May 17, 2011
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@@ -1215,7 +1215,7 @@ name discovered in the @Encoding_Path path list is used.
The encoding in the file is loaded and kept in the %Encoding_Table
table. Earlier encodings of the same name are replaced.
-This function is automaticly called by expat when it encounters an encoding
+This function is automatically called by expat when it encounters an encoding
it doesn't know about. Expat shouldn't call this twice for the same
encoding name. The only reason users should use this function is to
explicitly load an encoding not contained in the @Encoding_Path list.
@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
This directory contains binary encoding maps for some selected encodings.
If they are placed in a directory listed in @XML::Parser::Expat::Encoding_Path,
-then they are automaticly loaded by the XML::Parser::Expat::load_encoding
+then they are automatically loaded by the XML::Parser::Expat::load_encoding
function as needed. Otherwise you may load what you need directly by
-explicity calling this function.
+explicitly calling this function.
These maps were generated by a perl script that comes with the module
XML::Encoding, compile_encoding, from XML formatted encoding maps that

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