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Perl application allowing to build web surveys. The survey is built randomly from a given set of questions, the questions are shuffled. Various features of the questions and answers might be specified - see enclosed lib/Inquiry/

The web interface is built upon Dancer.


To install Dancer, run cpan Dancer in your shell. For production, the Starman webserver is used over Plack. Run cpan Starman and cpan Plack to install them. The SQLite database is used to store the results, run cpan DBD::SQLite to install its driver and cpan DBI to install the database interface.


Just clone the github repository. In bin/, set up a port for the production service.

Then populate inquiry.txt with settings and questions. You can run bin/ to run a development version on localhost:3000.

The results can be browsed at URL:PORT/table.


(c) E. Choroba, 2012 - 2013