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HabitatHome Demo and the tools and processes in it is a Sitecore® solution example built using Sitecore Experience Accelerator™ (SXA) on Sitecore Experience Platform™ (XP) following the Helix architecture principles.

Important Notice


Please read the LICENSE carefully prior to using the code in this repository


The code, samples and/or solutions provided in this repository are unsupported by Sitecore PSS. Support is provided on a best-effort basis via GitHub issues or Slack #habitathome (see end of README for additional information).

It is assumed that you already have a working instance of Sitecore XP and all prerequisites prior to installing the demo. Support for product installation issues should be directed to relevant Community channels or through regular Sitecore support channels.


The code, samples and/or solutions provided in this repository are for example purposes only and without warranty (expressed or implied). The code has not been extensively tested and is not guaranteed to be bug free.

Getting Started


Sitecore Version

Prior to attempting the demo installation, ensure you have a working Sitecore XP 9.0.2 instance. Detailed installation instructions can be found at

Additional modules

In addition to a base XP 9.0.2 installation, the following modules are required:

Optional Modules

Some gulp tasks have been included to help with repetitive tasks. These tasks require the SPE Remoting Module.

  • SPE Remoting 4.7 Marketplace The "SPE" folder is assumed to be in the ~Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules folder

SECURITY WARNING - The default configuration for the Habitat Home demo uses admin/b and allows this user to access SPE Remoting.

Additional Windows Components

  • Url Rewrite 2.1
    • Can be installed using Web Platform Installer in IIS Manager

SSL Only

The demo is configured for HTTPS/SSL. Please ensure that you create an HTTPS binding with appropriate self-signed certificates.

Build / Deployment

In order to deploy the assets, you need either Visual Studio 2017 or MSBuild Tools for Visual Studio 2017.

Custom install - before you start

The following is a list of default values / assumptions for install locations

Project location c:\projects\sitecore.habitathome.platform\ Habitat Site domain Web Root c:\inetpub\wwwroot Host Suffix dev.local xConnectRoot

The hostname is used in the SXA Hostname (Site Grouping).

If you do not use you will need to modify the Host Name in /sitecore/content/Habitat Sites/Habitat Home/Settings/Site Grouping/Habitat Home after successfully deploying the site. The Habitat Home site will not respond / render correctly until this value is modified.

If you do not want to use the default settings, you need to adjust the appropriate values in cake-config.json file:

  • WebsiteRoot
  • XConnectRoot
  • ProjectFolder
  • InstanceUrl

The cake script will automatically create a publishSettings.targets.user file with the value of the InstanceUrl specified in the cake-config.json file.


All installation instructions assume using PowerShell 5.1 in administrative mode.

1. Clone this repository

Setting Git for Long Paths

  • Before cloning, you need to configure git to allow long paths, which is not the default.

git config --system core.longpaths true

Clone the Sitecore.HabitatHome.Platform repository locally - defaults are configured for C:\Projects\Sitecore.HabitatHome.Platform.

  • Clone -- https: git clone -- ssh: git clone

2. Deploy Sitecore.HabitatHome.Platform

IMPORTANT: Publish site BEFORE trying to deploy Habitat Home

From the root of the solution

if you plan on installing the Commerce (XC) demo:

  • Run .\build.ps1 -Target "Quick-Deploy"

if you are only installing this demo:

  • Run .\build.ps1
    • Notes:
      • If you the deployment failed at Sync-Unicorn step, evaluate and fix the error and then run .\build.ps1 -Target "Post-Deploy".

3. Validating deployment

  1. Browse to (or whatever hostname you selected)
    1. You should see the Habitat Home landing page with a full-width carousel
    2. If you do not see the full-width carousel and instead see the initial Sitecore default landing page, ensure that your Host Name was configured correctly in /sitecore/content/Habitat Sites/Habitat Home/Settings/Site Grouping/Habitat Home
  2. Browse to
    1. You should see the Habitat landing page (not Habitat Home)

Additional Settings

1. Disable Unicorn Serialization

When Unicorn is active, the Content Editor will display warnings that certain items are controlled by Unicorn. If you wish to disable Unicorn serialization, open the Web.config file in your webroot and update the following appSetting

<add key="unicorn:define" value="Off"/>

This appSetting is On by default. Setting it to Off ensures that none of the Unicorn serialization configuration files are loaded.

Contribute or Issues

Please post any issues on Slack Community #habitathome channel or create an issue on GitHub. Contributions are always welcome!