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commit e735812397791c61a73427c5fb1c17ec528cec97 2 parents d9d7134 + c81dc8e
@anupamc anupamc authored
4 activerecord/
@@ -624,7 +624,7 @@
*John Wang*
-* Collection associations `#empty?` always respects builded records.
+* Collection associations `#empty?` always respects built records.
Fixes #8879.
@@ -1503,7 +1503,7 @@
* Move HABTM validity checks to `ActiveRecord::Reflection`. One side effect of
this is to move when the exceptions are raised from the point of declaration
- to when the association is built. This is consistant with other association
+ to when the association is built. This is consistent with other association
validity checks.
*Andrew White*
2  activerecord/lib/active_record/associations.rb
@@ -966,7 +966,7 @@ def association_instance_set(name, association)
# For +has_and_belongs_to_many+, <tt>delete</tt> and <tt>destroy</tt> are the same: they
# cause the records in the join table to be removed.
- # For +has_many+, <tt>destroy</tt> and <tt>destory_all</tt> will always call the <tt>destroy</tt> method of the
+ # For +has_many+, <tt>destroy</tt> and <tt>destroy_all</tt> will always call the <tt>destroy</tt> method of the
# record(s) being removed so that callbacks are run. However <tt>delete</tt> and <tt>delete_all</tt> will either
# do the deletion according to the strategy specified by the <tt>:dependent</tt> option, or
# if no <tt>:dependent</tt> option is given, then it will follow the default strategy.
2  activerecord/lib/active_record/relation/query_methods.rb
@@ -614,7 +614,7 @@ def lock!(locks = true) # :nodoc:
# The returned <tt>ActiveRecord::NullRelation</tt> inherits from Relation and implements the
# Null Object pattern. It is an object with defined null behavior and always returns an empty
- # array of records without quering the database.
+ # array of records without querying the database.
# Any subsequent condition chained to the returned relation will continue
# generating an empty relation and will not fire any query to the database.
2  activerecord/test/cases/associations/join_model_test.rb
@@ -464,7 +464,7 @@ def test_associating_unsaved_records_with_has_many_through
assert saved_post.reload.tags(true).include?(new_tag)
- new_post = => "Association replacmenet works!", :body => "You best believe it.")
+ new_post = => "Association replacement works!", :body => "You best believe it.")
saved_tag = tags(:general)
new_post.tags << saved_tag
2  activerecord/test/cases/callbacks_test.rb
@@ -520,7 +520,7 @@ def test_callback_returning_false
], david.history
- def test_inheritence_of_callbacks
+ def test_inheritance_of_callbacks
parent =
assert !parent.after_save_called
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