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Welcome to Ariane (

Ariane is a super simple bus manager for asynchronous messages based on type or dynamic objects for later treatment, Ariane manage queueing system in one place with one thread by queue and multi readers by queue

List of queue provider

  • In Memory
  • MSMQ
  • Azure Service Bus
  • File System
  • Custom...


You can download from NuGet in Visual Studio, With Package Manager Console type:

PM> Install-Package Ariane


  • Client
Get service bus
var bus = new Ariane.BusManager(); 
Register the writer with name or configuration file
Create message
var person = new Person();
person.FirsName = i.ToString();
person.LastName = Guid.NewGuid().ToString();
Send typed message or dynamic
bus.Send("test", person);
  • Server
Get service bus
var bus = new Ariane.BusManager(); 
Register concrete reader
bus.Register.AddMemoryReader("test", typeof(PersonMessageReader)); 
or register anonymous reader
bus.Register.AddMemoryReader<Person>("test", (message) => {
     Console.WriteLine("{0}:{1}", System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.Name, message.FirsName);
Start reading
Receive message from dedicated thread
public class PersonMessageReader : MessageReaderBase<Person>
    public override void ProcessMessage(Person message)
        Console.WriteLine("{0}:{1}", System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.Name, message.FirsName);

Using dynamic and anonymous reader in memory

var bus = new Ariane.ServiceBus();

bus.Register.AddMemoryReader<System.Dynamic.ExpandoObject>("queueName", (p) =>
     Console.WriteLine("person : {0} {1}", p.FirstName, p.LastName);

dynamic person = bus.CreateMessage("person");
person.FirstName = "ftest";
person.LastName = "ltest";

bus.Send("queueName", person);