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ChangeLog (Client)

Add GetAvailableRoute for RouteHostClient (Client)

Client : Remove route after 10 fail access (Server)

Server : Fix bug when resolve address is null

2.4 (Server)

  • Return all addresses with Resolve service method

1.7.19 (Client)

  • Best detection of failed route resolution

1.6.16 (Client)

  • Authorization header
  • Add user agent with current version
  • Possibility add proxy address for route (Client)

  • Allow gzip with webapi
  • Spare mode for server route

V1.3.10 (Client)

  • Add MachineName property for route
  • Replace TestMode by ResolvedTestUrl

V2.2 (Server)

  • Add MachineName and IP for RouteServer


  • Add TestMode for external unittests without registration
  • Add Admin page for server


  • Add PingPath parameter in Route for monitoring
  • RouteHost server is full loadbalancable via Ariane Azure Bus synchronization


  • Add ResolveResult
  • Improve log when resolve failed


  • Add priority for register route


  • Add logs info for register and unregister


  • Start
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