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The aim is to create a web application where the user can log in using their working time, and write a brief note on what worked. The application will be accessible only to logged-in users, and the user will be able to register through a simple form, which fills in name, email address and password. Records should include:

  • Date and Time - when the activity is performed
  • the number of hours and minutes - How long lasts a particular activity
  • a brief description of the activity
  • Name of the user who created this record
Logged in user can only see your records, you will be able to browse them and edit. Records should be able to navigate through the days, weeks or months. Also, you will be able to export these records to a CSV file. Records should be sorted by date. A user with administrator rights will be able to browse the records of all users, but will not be able to edit them. The administrator should see a summary overview of users worked (login) in hours.


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