A nodejs backend for social network streams using a server sent event stream.
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NodeJS Stream

An example NodeJS application which uses an event-stream to push notifications to the client side using server side events. Firehose provided by Twitter, Meetup, and Digg.


You may need to install some missing modules with npm. http://npmjs.org/

Once npm is installed, you can checkout the source and install the missing modules:

$ git clone https://github.com/chovy/nodejs-stream.git
$ cd ./nodejs-stream
$ npm install
$ node stream.js

Browse to your localhost (ie: in your web browser.


Configure your twitter account username and password.

Method 1:

$ export TWITTER_USERNAME='your_username';
$ export TWITTER_PASSWORD='your_password';

Method 2:

...or edit config.js and set your twitter username password.

config.twitter_username = process.env.TWITTER_USERNAME || 'my_username';
config.twitter_password = process.env.TWITTER_PASSWORD || 'my_password';


Copy config.sample.js to config.js. Edit config.js and set your port number to listen on and IP address (you can use 'localhost' too).

config.port = 8080;
config.address = '';