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VoteFlow is a website/app built on django to try out a LiquidDemocracy-like system.
Currently in early stages - expect some uglyness and broken bits.

Previously known as "MeshDemocracy: Agora"

Live Demo: Click here - very pre-alpha!

###Topic Tree The topic tree is a central component - anyone can create a topic as a subtopic of any other topic - or top-level

###Posting Posting lets people place messages directly inside topics, or as a reply to an existing message

###Representation A user may pick a representitive for a topic - this also applies to sub-topics, and can chain.
So, Theo is representing 100 people in Science.
Theo and 9 other people also representing 100 people in science make Albert their representitive for Science->Physics.
Albert is now representing 1000 people in physics.

###Voting Any user may vote on any Posting/Message.


  • Correct Liquid Counting
  • Use Agora as DevMap/Todo list for its-self
  • Sorting, by user selectable methods partial
  • Full Tree View - for topics and posts
  • images
  • user profile page partial
  • representation graph - show representation for a topic
  • vote graph - should representation for a vote
  • groups/circles
  • AJAX/Dynamic Updates partial
  • Template Styling/CSS partial
  • search/filter
  • notifications
  • OAUTH FB/Goog/ GitHub login
  • loads more

##Running MD: Agora ###Linux


pip install django 
pip install markdown
pip install python-social-auth
pip install oauthlib
pip install pillow
pip install html2text


#Install Dependencies then
git clone #Clone the project
cd VoteFlow #enter project
python migrate #create DB
python runserver #Run Server
firefox #Try it out!

or in a virtualenv

git clone
cd VoteFlow/
virtualenv env
source env/bin/activate
#Install Dependencies HERE
python migrate
python runserver

###Other OS

add me

##Project Structure Project setup should be fairly standard for django. Important files are in agora/:

  • - based on browser URL, directs you to a view
  • - Pulls data from models, returns through a template
  • - Database models
  • templates/agora/* - HTML templates
  • static/agora/* - CSS and other files

##Licence Agora is published under the GNU AGPL


Voting WebSite of the Future. Mesh Democracy, Liquid Democracy, Tree of topics - made with Django



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