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Scripting/IPC Plugin for RetroShare

###Overview This plugin attempts to make it easy to write scripts or external programs than can interact with retroshare-gui by providing a bridge to Retroshare via the following transports:

Some of the functions provided include:

  • broadcast to compatable peers
  • send targeted messages
  • search indexed files
  • turtle file search
  • download from hash+size+name
  • handle retroshare:// links (if the link is not downloaded, it opens in a tab)
  • get Peer/online/channel/forumList
  • peer details/avatar
  • download any url
  • open new tabs
  • Lots more

Examples include:

  • geographical peer map (pyqt)
  • global peer map (python dump, d3.js view)
  • car driving test - ported from ivanks keyboard demo, players broadcast positions
  • 3d broadcast/wall chat - draggable text nodes. Shift+mouse moves camera
  • external python via JSON-RPC
  • file search
  • packet inspection on index
  • broadcast chat
  • direct chat
  • simple distributed p2p physics tests
  • local storage notepad - uses html5 persistant storage and editable tags (plus a source editor)
  • Live MicroBlogging. only Friends see your messages, and friends of a friend whose message you comment on(buggy)
  • Lots more

Warning Included tests do not sanitise HTML. The JS has not been written with security in mind.

My image My image My image My image My image My image

Warning Watch your cpu and network usage when running the physics/shared drawing tests.
Should be fine.



sudo apt-get install libpython-dev libpython-all-dev sudo apt-get install python-dev #use this lines instead of above on older systems sudo apt-get install python-qt4

if you want to run the Geo Friend Map Test: sudo apt-get install python-mpltoolkits.basemap sudo pip install pygeoip

###Build/Install ##PreReq You will need a linux machine

  apt-get install python-dev python-qt4

is a good start,

  apt-get install python-mpltoolkits.basemap 

Will let you run the geoip peermap demo
please let me know if you need to install anything else to make it run. ##compile you probably want to clone this into the plugins directory of your retroshare source code.

  cd myretrosharesrc/plugins/  
  git clone  
cd WebScriptRS 

At this point you can run the script or:

  git clone  
  cd qjsonrpc/src/  
  qmake-qt4 QJSONRPC_LIBRARY_TYPE=staticlib; make  
  cd ..  
  qmake-qt4; make  

###install/run copy the .so files to your .retroshare/extensions/ directory
run RetroShare from the plugins directory!
install/run can be acomplished by running the script

###JS Bridge

There is not much documentation yet - but there are examples, and you can look at webbridgers.h
currently you can send a message like this:

var packetdata = {"type":"chatmessage","pos":"thiscouldbeanything"};  

or directly like this:

var packetdata = {"x":3,"y":5,"name":"Eric"};  
bridge.sendMessage(peer_id_as_string, JSON.stringify(packetdata)); 

And get one like this:

function incomingMsg(message){  
  var packetdata = JSON.parse(message.message);  
  var peer_id_as_string = message.peerID;  
  var name = message.peerName;  


A Retroshare bridge to internal webkit/python and JSON-RPC






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