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A steam trading card api

This project is currently separated into two parts the Django database and api backend and a web based front end.

The website is published at http://www.steamcardsheet.com/

The Django project has the following dependencies:

  • Django Rest Framework
  • django-cors-headers by Otto Yiu
  • Requests - for http calls

The website front end has the following dependencies:

  • Bootstrap
  • Jquery
  • JS-Spinner
  • datatables
  • JS-NaturalSort
  • money.js

On 27 Sep 2015: The Steam Card Sheet Shut Down:

It’s been two years since I created the SteamCardSheet and the Steam trading cards have proliferated prodigiously since then. With this ever expanding card collection came numerous bugs, inconsistences, and performance concerns which have diminished the card sheet’s usability; moreover, tools such as SteamCardExchange and the Enhanced Steam browser plugin have largely supplanted the need for a spreadsheet such as mine as they are faster and more powerful. With that being said, I have decided to deprecate and discontinue the SteamCardSheet, domain, and this group page. The site is closed as of 27 September 2015.