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A Vim Plugin for 4coder
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A Vim Plugin for Allen Webster's 4coder.

Very much a work-in-progress! Any and all contributions are welcome, including issues, feedback, and pull requests.

Use it by adding #include "4coder_vim.cpp" at the top of your own 4coder custom file, and then defining the necessary callback functions and making the necessary hook calls. See 4coder_chronal.cpp for an example of how it should be used.

Known bugs

  • 4coder-native menus (e.g. filesystem browser) use default 4coder-style bindings
  • Can't do most actions on null buffers

Overview of missing features

There are a ton of missing features. Here's the big ones:

  • Movement-chords appending to chord bar
  • Missing movements
    • % and Search acting as a movement
    • {, }, (, )
    • ^
  • Format chordmode
  • Visual block mode
  • most G-started chords
  • Most of the window chords
  • Multiple marks
  • A bunch of statusbar commands
  • Macros

You can help by tackling these! Please read through the existing code first to get an idea of how I'm using the 4coder API -- most calls are indirect, going through wrappers in the vim layer to allow for things like movements and modes to work properly.

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