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(Please note: Twitter used to work some time ago. Currently
it is not supported.)

Qataki is a CLI client.

It's a shell script that you can use to read/post notices
from the command line in a simple manner.  Besides that,
with qataki you can: reply to posts; retweet notices;
search for notices.  As you can see there are not fancy
features.  However, if you feel that something useful
lacks, contact me (@chr, or play yourself
with the code!

Qataki's website:

By default and Twitter support is enabled. You
can use a StatusNet site by creating an alias in a
configuration file. More info here:

It has been tested with bash (used by default) and ksh93,
on NetBSD and Debian.

This is how it looks like:


You'll need usual UNIX utilities like sed/awk/grep.
You'll also need cURL,[1] ELinks,[2] and par[3].


1) Download:

$ wget

2) Make it executable:

$ chmod +x qataki

3) Use it:

$ ./qataki

(you can place it somewhere in your $PATH so you can run
it directly as "qataki", without the leading dot-slash).

When you run Qataki for the first time, it will ask your
user info and save it in its configuration file (by default
it's located at $HOME/.qataki/qataki.conf). You can add more
accounts later running "qataki k".

Read "qataki h" for help.



[2] . This is not, however a "hard"
dependency. If ELinks is not installed on your system,
Lynx will be used. In this latter case, you'll have
problems with accented letters and non-latin alphabet.

[3] . This one also isn't
really necessary, though it will format nicely the output.


Command line client.







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