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Update multiple accounts

Say you have 1 account on, 1 on Twitter and 2 (a default account and an alternate account “other”) on (for the latter, the alias “mic” will be used). You can update them all with this script:

for flag in i t s:mic "s:mic n:other" ; do
	qataki $flag u "$1"

Real time updates

If you want qataki to check for new notices (from people you follow) every ten minutes (not real time, but probably sufficient), you can do it with this script:

while true; do
     qataki f 1>/dev/null
     if [ "$?" -eq 0 ] ; then
         echo ; echo "Update: $(date)" ; echo ; qataki p
     sleep 600

Fortunes (and pipes in general)

If you want to send a fortune as your update message, do this:

fortune | qataki u

Actually, you can send any reasonable output (i.e., not exceeding the character limits) from a pipe as your message.

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