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nensync readme v.1.2 -

## What is nensync?

nensync and the other components found in this repository are a set of shell scripts(bash)
that aim to provide the functionality needed to operate a GNU/Linux based Nordic Encryption Net node.

## Nordic Encryption Net?
Nordic Encryption Net, or NEN for short, is the actual name of the project which nensync plays an important role.
The NEN project was made as a response to the norwegian "Datalagringsdirektivet", or "E.U. Data Retention Directive".
You can read a short summary here:
While the directive don't allow surveillance of the actual data itself, a future revision _might_ do so.. Who knows?
Okay, this tin-foil hat/1984 stuff does not really concern us that much, but that's what inspired the project anyways.
So yeah, NEN is the envisioned encrypted network used for exchanging files between computers in a private and secure manner
And no, it is not a P2P/filesharing or public network, it is intended for private communication between friends.

## Techical details:
Written in bash, uses rsync and ssh for encrypted connections and file transfers.
A webinterface based on PHP might see the light of day as well.

Should run on most *nix flavours, but it has only been tested on the
RedHat-based distro ClearOS (

## Install instructions???
Currently none, as nensync is not mature enough yet and may be changed completely before a "stable" release