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aSid Logo

aSid is a program which runs on your Commodore 64, and turns it into a moog-like monophonic synthesizer. Connect paddles to your commodore 64 and use each paddle to control a different parameter. The synthesizer is played by using the lower two rows of commodore keys like piano keys. You can also run sounds into your C64 using the A/V in port and the filters will affect the sound as it passes through the machine.


aSid comes as a binary file that has been compiled for the Commodore 64 computer. You can download the binary file as synth.prg and run it in an emulator as the raw binary synth and copy it to an cartridge, or a diskette, or tape, and load it into an actual C64. Running it on the hardware gives the best results as every 6581 SID chip sounds unique.

Instructions & Keys

  • octave

  • '<' down one octave

  • '>' up one octave

  • wave-form

  • 'Y' square wave

  • 'T' sawtooth wave

  • 'R' triangle wave

  • 'U' noise wave

  • paddle 1 filter type

  • 'Q' lowpass

  • 'W' band pass

  • 'E' high pass

  • paddle 2 filter type

  • 'I' volume control

  • 'O' Ring modulator (when waveform is set to triangle wave)

  • 'P' "programmed" ring modulation (works on external sounds)


Compiled with Ullrich von Bassewitz cc65 compiler.


aSid is Free Software and is licensed to you under the terms of the GNU Public License. Copyright Chris McCormick 2001-2015.